Degraded performance due to limitations in the new API Thursday 3rd January 2019 09:06:00

Limitations in the new API have severely degraded the performance, and we are having problems keeping caches and logs updated. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused by this, and we are doing as much as we can to make it better.

The API limitations have been improved, and performance levels are back to normal.

We continue to do what we can to minimize the impact. The limits will be increased a bit later this month, but still nowhere near what they were in the old API. To keep our services running as smooth as possible, we have temporary moved some parts back to the old API.

Performance continues to be degraded while we wait for to fix the issue.

A temporary fix has been implemented, and all functionality has been restored. Things are fetched from the API a lot slower than before, but data will eventually be fetched. We are still working to find a permanent solution.